How to add or remove tags to multiple contacts in Recapture

Recapture now supports the ability to add or remove tags from your Contacts in bulk. You can also add or remove individual tags on a single contact as well.

This article focuses on how to make changes to multiple contacts at once when adding or removing tags.

Bulk Tag Operations

Tag operations can be performed from the Contacts area of Recapture. Select "Contacts" from the right-side menu:

Or visit this link:

Next, click on the tab at the top of the Contacts menu bar that says "Bulk Add/Remove Tags"

Like so:

Once you do that, you'll see this screen:

From here, you can add or remove tags from multiple contacts using a list of pasted emails, or upload a CSV with a list of emails to use.

First, select the operation you want to perform in the left-hand drop down:

After choosing that option, enter the tag names you want to add or remove. Multiple tags can be added or removed at once, just separate the tag names with a comma like so: TAG_ONE, TAG_TWO, TAG_THREE.

Next, pick the way you want to provide the emails, either a pasted list:

Or a CSV file:

CSV Format for Tagging

The format of the CSV file for tagging is very simple. Provide a CSV file in your favorite tool (Excel, Google Sheets, whatever) with a single column with a header called "email". Under that column, list all of the emails (one per row) that you wish to use for tagging contacts.

Like so:

CSV format is very simple

Once you've provide EITHER pasted emails OR the CSV, then you can click the Start Tag Operation to begin the process:

When it's done, you will get a report of the number of contacts that matched your list and were tagged (or untagged):

Your previous tagging operations will be listed in a table at the bottom of this screen so you can view what operations have been done in the past:

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