What is considered a good cart abandonment rate?

Wouldn't it be great if 100% of carts completed the checkout? Unfortunately that isn't the reality for 100% of online stores.

The industry average for abandoned carts is between 60-80% although it seems to be increasing as time goes on.  Typically we see carts around a 70% average abandonment rate in Recapture, although that number can be higher or lower depending on other factors--complexity of your checkout, mobile vs. desktop users, prices of your most popular products, and so on.  So you can expect about 3/4 of the people who add something to their cart to never complete the checkout.

If your cart abandonment rate is higher than 75%, this could mean your checkout has some issues. Maybe you are asking too many additional questions? Maybe it is not formatted correctly on all modern browsers. If you don't have a responsive checkout, you may be getting a high abandon rate from mobile users. Make sure your checkout is well optimized and easy to navigate if your abandon rate is higher than 75%.

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