How do I integrate Recapture with Zapier?

Recapture can integrate with Zapier to trigger additional actions once a cart is abandoned on your store.  There are literally hundreds of other providers you can integrate with from Zapier that allow you to do all kinds of things with that data--for example, synchronize the email with a CRM like Highrise or Salesforce, send an event to a Slack chat room you might be monitoring, or create row in a Google Docs spreadsheet for manual tracking.  Zapier is a powerful event-based trigger tool that gives you all kinds of flexibility and power with Recapture.

To activate Zapier integration, you need to do a few simple steps:

1)  Click on the name of your store menu on the far right side and find "Account Settings", click on it:

2)  Scroll toward the bottom of the screen until you find "Integrations". 

3)  Click on Zapier's "Integrate" button. This opens this page, where you click on "Activate Integration"

4)  After you click the button, you'll be taken to where you'll see this page.  You'll need to Login with your existing account OR create a new account with the buttons/links at the bottom:

5)  When you click the orange button, you'll be asked to login:

6)  And once you're in, you must click the NEW orange button to create a Zap (a triggered event in Zapier) to use:

7) You may see this step, if you have already accepted a previous invite, then you will have multiple options when choosing our app:


You need to pick the latest version (As of Jan 2023, currently 1.5.2),

Once you've completed that last step, the world of Zapier is now open to you for working on any kind of connection you need to make with your email collector or abandoned cart data.

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