How do I ignore certain users in my campaigns?

Recapture allows you to avoid triggering certain actions and campaigns on your site by blocking users in one of three ways:

  • By email address
  • By IP address
  • By browser signature

To enable campaign blocking, do the following:

1)  Click on the name of your store menu on the far right side and find "Account Settings", click on it:

2)  Scroll toward the bottom of the screen until you find "Ignore Customers".

Here you can click the pencil icon on the upper right to edit the IP addresses or emails that Recapture should ignore when it finds on your website.  This is useful to exclude certain administrators, developers or marketing directors who frequently visit your site, or may want to test the campaigns but not skew the results.

You can also assign the browser signature by clicking "Inactive" which will then add a cookie to your current browser session and ignore your visits until that cookie is cleared.

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