What are Winback Emails and Why Do I Want To Use them?

What is a Winback Email?

A winback email is a way for you to automatically reach out to your previous customers (ones who placed orders on your store already) and ask them to come back to purchase again.

Studies show that repeat customers are 5-6x more likely to buy from you again than a brand new customer.  Getting customers to buy from your store again is the lifeblood of any ecommerce store.

What does repeat business do for your store?

  • Consistent revenue: Repeat customers are your loyal customers. Your promotion programs will affect these customers from your competitors. You can be sure that they will purchase from you, bringing more revenue to your company.
  • Credibility: Your brand is already familiar with them since they first purchase products. It builds trust and helps to strengthen the relationship, which will allow you to sell your other products easily.
  • Promotion: Having a long-lasting relationship with a brand is a sign that the customer will be an advertiser for it. This means that if the customer is happy with your products and services, they will tell their friends and family. Your repeat customers will promote their favorite brands through “word of mouth” advertising.

Why do you want to use Winbacks?

Winback emails are a way to generate repeat customer business automatically.  Recapture gives you 3 default campaigns that you can edit and configure to send these emails from your store after a period of time.

Winbacks are GREAT if your store does one or more of the following things:

  • You sell a consumable product (e.g. food, beverages, beauty products, hygiene products, etc)
  • You sell something that changes every season (e.g. fashion, patio furniture vs. indoor furniture)
  • You have regular product releases and you'd like to get customers to come back and check out your new stock (e.g. apparel)

Using winbacks is a simple way to remind customers about your store and products and ask them to come buy again.

How to setup Winbacks for your store

Winbacks are available in Recapture and you can configure them from this menu here:

Or click this link to get started:  https://app.recapture.io/account/winbacks

Winbacks are supported on any paid plan for Recapture.

Configuring the campaigns is the same as what you do for abandoned cart recovery.  Here's our article on how to setup and edit campaigns, which also applies to Winbacks.

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