How to create a custom footer in emails

Recapture allows you to change the default content of your email footer so that you can do things like:

  • Add your social links in a non-obtrusive place
  • Create a design that is consistent with your website or branding
  • Put in standard content for all of your Recapture emails
  • Adjust the language of your footer to what your customers speak
  • Change the tone of the language used (more casual, more professional, whatever fits you!)

The default Recapture email footer looks something like this:

The standard block consists of:

  • Your company name
  • Your company's mailing address (required for compliance with US, EU, Australia and Canadian anti-spam laws)
  • An unsubscribe link
  • The Recapture Powered-by link (which can be removed if you upgrade to a paid account on request)

A custom footer block can contain any standard HTML elements you like.

How to create or edit a custom footer in Recapture

1) To enable a custom footer, first, enable the footer in your Account Settings area:

2) Next, edit the settings for email by clicking on the green pencil icon:

3) And then enable the email footer which gives you an editor you can customize the content:

And now you can change the content!

Here's an example of a customized footer:

4) Make updates using the editor. You can use any field codes found in this article here.

Keep in mind that certain field codes are always available to you (e.g. user information) but some are not (e.g. order or cart information) and depend very much on the type of email you are using. For example, if you have an abandoned cart email, you have access to the cart object, but not the order object. And the opposite is true if you are using a post-purchase email or a winback. So be careful which fields you pick. User fields are always safe, though.

5) You can also add links like this:

Select the text you wish to link and right click your mouse to access that menu.

6) Make sure you include your unsubscribe link! That is required by law in almost every country for sending commercial emails. Leaving this link out is grounds for account suspension in Recapture. Use the instructions in step 5 to add a link (right click after highlighting your text).

Add this as your URL:

7) Don't forget to save your changes when you're done:

Custom footers are not required, of course. You can use the default content just as well.

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