How can I use coupons in Recapture?

Recapture supports two types of coupons in our service:  global coupons (ones that are available to anyone and typically are widely-promoted) and unique coupon codes (ones that are generated for a single person and allow only a single use)

This article is about global coupons, if you need to use single-use, unique ones, tryHow to configure Unique Coupon Codes.

Recapture supports the use of (global) coupons from your store in abandoned cart and winback emails.  Here's how to enable that:

  1. First, configure the coupons in your store.
    1. Shopify instructions
    2. Magento 1 instructions
    3. Magento 2 instructions
    4. WooCommerce Instructions
    5. Easy Digital Downloads Instructions
    6. BigCommerce Instructions
  2. Now that you have a coupon, copy the code you plan to use (we'll use "FLASH25" in our example here)

  3. Go to the Campaign you want to apply the discount to (one of the emails in your series).  Jump to Campaigns

  4. Click Edit for that campaign

  5. Click the LOWER left Settings near the top:

  6. Inside of Campaign Settings, enter your discount code in this field:

  7. Save your settings

  8. The discount code will be added to the Return to Cart button on the email.  When the user clicks it, the discount will be applied automatically during checkout:

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