Can I use Unique Discount Codes for customers?

Yes!  As of July 2021, Recapture supports the ability to use single-use, unique coupon codes that are tied to a single user.  Currently, we support this on Shopify, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and BigCommerce, but other platforms are being worked on as well.

Here's how to use that feature for your store:


How to configure and use the Unique Coupon Codes

First, visit the Coupon configuration section using the upper right menu:

You may see an "upgrade" screen if you're on Shopify, where you can just follow the steps to complete it here. After you click on that, you'll be in the Unique Coupon code manager. 

Setup the Coupon in Recapture

At the top of the screen, you can add a new coupon code you want to configure:

Click "Add Discount" to start, which brings you here:

First, enter the name of the coupon you want to offer (make it easy to remember and make it about your campaign like, "10% Off Abandoned Cart Offer" or "Free Shipping over $50")

Next, select the type of discount:

  • Percentage (variable amount discount)
  • Fixed (an exact amount of a discount)
  • Free shipping

Depending on what you select, the configuration options change.

Percentage configuration: Fixed amount configuration:

Or Free Shipping:

For shipping, you can limit to certain countries, or by cart amounts.

Next, you can set the restrictions for the use of the code--like minimum cart amounts, cart content or none:

Lastly, you have the option to allow this coupon to expire or not:

If you select the second option, you can specify the number of hours (Shopify, WooCommerce only) or days (Shopify, WooCommerce, or EDD):

When you're done, be sure to click SAVE at the top right:

And once you're done, click the Discounts button at the top:

To see your saved coupon:

Associate the Coupon to the Campaign

Once you've done this, you're ready to attach this to a campaign.  Go to your campaign configuration, and find the campaign you want to edit:

At the top of the campaign, click this settings button:

And in the middle of the window, you can configure the coupon to use:

If you click on the "Coupon Type" field, you get this:

"Manual Code Entry" is what you use to apply global coupon codes (ones that you setup in Shopify yourself).  If you want to use Unique Coupon Codes, select the name of the code you just created.  In this case, "Free Shipping over $50"

How to display the coupon code in the email text

You can also SHOW the coupon code directly in the email itself so your customers know what kind of discount you're offering.

Two ways you can do that:

  • Use the field code from our variable list {{ discount }}
  • Use our click-to-insert field from the Drag and Drop email editor

The first way is certainly very simple if you're familiar with template substitution.  But if you're in the editor, you don't need to do that, you can just click in your text where you want it inserted

and then click this section of the editor, to the right of the text:

That automatically inserts this into your email body:

And when the email is rendered for your customer, it will show the discount you selected above (in this case, Free Shipping over $50)

Be Sure to Save When You're Done Editing

And that's it!  Save your work at the upper right when you're done:


Platform Differences on Unique Coupons

Currently, Shopify and BigCommerce are supported with Unique Coupon codes, but the way they are supported is slightly different.

In Shopify we have the following types supported:
  • Discount type
    • Fixed $
    • Percent off order
    • Free shipping
  • Discount amount
  • Minimum spend for discount to apply
  • Minimum number of items in cart for discount to apply
  • Free shipping maximum amount
  • Limit free shipping by country
In BigCommerce we support the following:
  • Discount type
    • Fixed $,
    • Percent off order
    • Free shipping
    • Fixed $ off shipping
  • Discount amount  
  • Minimum spend for discount to apply


Upgrading from an older version of Recapture for Shopify (pre Oct 2019)

First, go to the upper right menu and select "Discount Codes":

If you are using this feature for the first time and you installed Recapture BEFORE Oct 1, 2019, Recapture will need additional permissions for your store:

Go ahead and click on the "OK, let's do it" button to continue.  You'll be asked to give us permission to create coupons for you:

Click on "Update App".  That's it!  

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