How does the Live Cart Feed work?

Our most popular feature by far is the Live Cart Feed.  Live Cart Feed enables you to see live, real-time activity on your store.  It also displays carts that are in various states and how they got there.  It also tells you what will happen to them (e.g. emails pending, email sent, actions taken).  It's the most critical part (and unique feature!) of Recapture.  No other email provider supports this today.

How do I access Live Cart Feed?

It's also accessible from the left-side menu and from the Abandoned Carts section under 'Carts'.
It looks like this:

What do all those columns mean?

Active:  The first column is carts that are active on your site (customers actually adding stuff).
Abandoned:  The second one is where customers have left the cart alone for more than 30 min and didn't provide an email while on your site.
Recapturable:  The third column is the one where we can help the most--abandoned carts WITH an email. These are who we will send emails to as they happen.
Converted:  The last column is customers who have actually bought from your store. If Recapture helped, then we add a green "assisted" badge to the cart.  it will show BOTH your regular sales AND those carts recovered by Recapture.  Recapture doesn't count your regular sales as part of the "recovered" revenue unless we've helped with our emails.

Which column is the most important?

They all have a story to tell about your store, but the one Recapture is most concerned with is the third one--Recapturable.  These are carts that Recapture will actively try to contact and recover.  You want as many carts in this column as you can get.

First column is anyone who is visiting your site and is adding items to their cart.  Second column are those carts that have no more activity for 30+ minutes, they are abandoned.  The third column is the magic one.  That's the same as the second column, but these carts entered an email address for us to be able to use to recover them.  The fourth column shows all sales that have happened on your site, and those that Recapture helped with are marked with an "Assisted" badge.

Carts move from column 1, to 2 OR 3, and then 4 if they purchase.  An abandoned cart is either in column 2 or 3, not both.  Ideally you want as many in column 3 as possible--that increase your recovery rates substantially.

How do I get more carts in column three (Recapturable)?

It's important to capture as many emails as you can to maximize cart recovery. We have an article that talks about tips we have to improve that:

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