How do Abandoned Carts Work in Recapture?

The abandoned cart process works something like this:

  • The cart is considered abandoned if there is no activity on the cart for 30 min or more. Activity is defined as adding or removing something from the cart.
  • At any time, the customer who was filling the cart could enter their email address somewhere on the site (e.g. the checkout page, an email popup, newsletter request, etc). If they do this, we associate the email to the cart no matter where they enter it.
  • An abandoned cart with an email address associated to it is considered "Recapturable" in our language. (these are Actionable Abandoned Carts)
  • When the time limit of your first abandoned cart campaign happens (say "1 hour after abandonment"), and the cart has an email address ("Recapturable"), then we'll start sending emails to them
  • If the customer receives the email, clicks on their old cart link, and then completes their purchase, that cart is marked "Recovered". We will STOP sending emails for recovery at that point.
  • If the customer doesn't take action on the cart, then we keep sending email until we run out of campaigns to send or they purchase, whichever comes first.

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