What Post Purchase emails does Recapture support?

What are post-purchase emails?

Post purchase emails, like their name implies, are emails you send to customers after their purchase is in process.  You can use post-purchase emails to follow up with them about specific things they need to know (educational content), try to get them to purchase additional items that go well with their recent purchase (sales content), or just tell them about you, your business or product (welcome content).  Post purchase emails are triggered after a customer places an order or after you ship that order/complete it within your system.

Which ones does Recapture support?

Recapture supports 4 types of post purchase emails today:

  1. Review reminders (aka Review Boosters)--these emails allow you to ask your customers to provide a review for purchased items which increases social proof on your store, increasing sales.
  2. Upsell/Cross-sell emails--these emails allow you to ask the customers to buy other related items from their recent purchase, increasing your AOV and purchase frequency.
  3. Educational emails--these emails allow you to give customers product-specific instructions and tips they need to be successful with their recent purchase.  Making them successful with their purchase makes for happy customers and reduces your support load.
  4. Welcome emails--these emails give you a chance to tell new customers about your store, your mission, your history, or what your business is all about.  By getting to know you better, you increase their trust for future purchases.
These emails are all configurable from the Post Purchase email menu:
This will take you to the Post Purchase analytics screen.  You'll need to select "Campaigns" from the top menu to get started:
From there, you can create a new campaign by selecting the Add Campaign button at the top right:
From here, the specific type of email you want to send will dictate what you want to do.

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