Using Review Reminders

Review Reminder (aka Review Booster) is one of four types of Post-Purchase emails that follows up with your customer after they place or you ship their order.

Recapture allows you to change a number of things about your review reminder campaign, including:

  • The number of emails you send.  By default, we create 3
  • The timing of the emails and when they send.  By default, we set it up for 1 week after placement, 3 and 6 weeks after shipping
  • The content and subject of the emails in the editor
  • When you trigger the email (after order is placed or shipped/complete)
  • Segmenting which customers should receive the email

Changing Campaign Emails

First, go to the Post Purchase section of your account by navigating from the left side menu:

This will take you to the Post Purchase analytics screen, which isn't very interesting just yet...

Next, click on "Campaigns" at the top:

You'll see a series of default campaigns that were added automatically to your account on setup:You can use the default content if you like, or create a new Review Reminder campaign.  To get started with existing content, you can edit the content of the existing campaign.  Hover over the campaign name and click the Edit button:

If you wish to add a NEW email to the sequence, click on the "Add Campaign" button to the right, toward the top:

And selecting the Review Booster email type:

After clicking it, you'll be asked some questions about the timing and subject of the campaign:

Enter your changes and click Next Step.  This will place you in the Email Editor to change the content.

Changing Email Timing, Subject Lines

To adjust the timing of the email as well as the subject and preview text, click the "Settings" button at the top, which will bring up these options:

The emails can be triggered after the order is placed or shipped, depending on your preferences.

When you're done, click "Save" at the top.

Changing Email Content

When you enter the Email Editor by clicking the Edit button, or after you finish "Add Campaign", the editor is exactly like the one we use for Abandoned Carts.  You can drag and drop items into the email, and click-to-edit things in the middle.  It's super easy to use and pretty intuitive:

Our palette on the left allows to drag titles, text, images, buttons, social sharing links/buttons or the order contents into the email wherever you want.  It's drag-and-drop, so just click on a blue item on the left and hold the button down as you drag it on to the email template in the middle.

You can click any item in the editor to change it, like so:

The left up/down arrow allows you to move the block in the editor to a different location.  And the right vertical dots menu allows other options:

As you click on items, you'll see other things open up on the right hand side:

These show the options for a Text Block--allow you to use certain personalization tags (where we will take customer data and use it to personalize the email), alignment and margin adjustments.

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