What are Review Reminders?

Review Booster (or review reminders) allows you to send follow up emails to your customers after they've purchased items from you, asking them to come back and post a review of the product in your store.

It's one of several Post Purchase emails that you can use within Recapture.

When customers do this, future visitors to your store will see that your products have more reviews, which are considered a strong trust signal ("positive social proof" in marketing terms) that encourages new buyers of products to purchase with confidence.  By capturing past buyer positive experiences and posting them publicly on your store, your likelihood of selling those products again increases dramatically, increasing your overall store sales.

Review Booster is similar to Abandoned Carts in that you can send a series of emails to ask the customer to come back and provide a review.  After each email, you can see how many users returned to provide a review, allowing you to hone your message over time and get the most reviews in the fewest emails.

Review Booster in Recapture is available to any account with a paid plan.

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