How to setup Named Segments

Segmenting is a powerful tool that allows you to send emails to customers that meet specific criteria like "Carts over $50" or "Bought Blue Shirts" or "Purchased 3 Products in the Last 60 Days".

Even more powerful is the ability to create these segments and reuse them all over Recapture.  With Named Segments, you can now do that.

How to Create a Named Segment

First, go to the Segmenting section of any campaign.  Here's an example from Abandoned Cart campaigns:

From here, start by defining a segment that you'd like to use.  Here's an example where we're looking for carts that are more than $149 in value and the customer is from Brazil:

Now click the "Save as Named Segment" button in the upper right and name this segment something useful:

Don't forget to click Save Segment when you're done.

Now your Segment is available here:

How to Use Previously Named Segments

Once you define a segment and name it above, you now can use it in other campaigns for segmenting without having to set it up again.

Click Use a Saved Segment:

And then select your segment from the list:

Your segment information will be populated in the rule automatically!

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