How does segmenting campaigns work?

Recapture has a powerful Segmenting tool that enables you to target specific abandoned cart emails to customers. 

Why should I segment my campaigns?

Sending targeted emails will greatly improve open, click and conversion rates on your emails. Studies have shown that customers respond much better to targeted, meaningful emails. A couple examples to consider:

Send an email with specific advantages to a certain brand. Do you sell a brand that is considered premium or luxury? Don't just send a generic message to people who abandoned that brand, instead send them an email that talks specifically to the advantages of the brand. 

Send a more personal email to high value customers. If a customer abandoned a cart worth more than $1,000, you can send them an email that contains a more personal tone. These customers may respond better when they realize that a real person can help them out with the order, instead of feeling like they got the same automated email as everybody else.

Send a discount code to price sensitive customers. Do you have a product or brand that tends to be very competitive and price sensitive? If someone abandons these products, send them an email in 10 minutes with a discount code to help land the sale.

What can I segment by?

We have identified the core attributes that are needed to create highly targeted and relevant emails to each customer. These are the core attributes of each cart that you can segment by:

Cart Product Count: This rule allows you to target carts based on the number of unique products.
Cart Product Quantity Count: This rule allows you to target carts based on the combined quantity of all products.
Cart Total: This rule allows you to target carts based on their grand total.
Email Interaction: This rule allows you to target carts based on the customers previous interactions with emails that we have sent them.
Cart Product SKU: This rule allows you to target carts based on the products they contain.
Email Address: This rule allows you to target carts based on their email address.
First Name: This rule allows you to target carts based on the first name.
Last Name: This rule allows you to target carts based on the last name.

How does segmenting work in Recapture?

It is simple.
Too many times segmenting tools are so complex you can barely understand how to begin. Our tool uses plain language and is intuitive at each step. Here are the steps (yes, it really is this easy!):

Step 1: Visit the SEGMENTING tab under a specific campaign and add rules. 
Step 2: Repeat Step 1 for each other campaign you want to segment.
Yes it is really that easy!

Here are a couple examples to get you started...

The easiest way to get started is to first visit your Live Cart Feed ( and just watch what people are abandoning. Instead of trying to make up segments, look at the actual segments that should already exist. Do you have a lot of high value carts being abandoned? Is a specific brand or product being abandoned frequently?

Example 1: Send a personal email to high value carts.

You should already have your standard Campaigns setup. As we add segmenting, we will leave the standard Campaigns as our final catch-all. So we are not removing or rebuilding our existing campaigns, we are just setting up some new, narrowly targeted campaigns.

We want to send this email within 20 minutes of the cart being abandoned. So let's create a new Campaign with these settings:

Campaign Name: High value, personal email
Email Subject: Is there anything I can help you with?
Preview Text: Our experts are available to help.
Send Delay: Send 20 Minutes after cart is abandoned.

The next page will be the DESIGNER but first let's click on the SEGMENTING tab.

First, we want to make sure that ANY of the following conditions is selected. Since we only have 1 condition for this Segment, choosing ALL would have the same effect. 

From the Rule dropdown we want to choose Cart Total, then choose is greater than, and enter a value of 1000. Cart value will be localized to your currency. So if you have your currency setup as USD and enter 1000, that means $1,000 USD. If your currency is set to Pounds, then entering 1000 will mean £1,000.

Now we can click SAVE, and then build out our Email on the DESIGNER tab. Make sure to build your targeted emails to speak directly to the segment you have built. 

Example 2: Send a targeted email to customers who abandoned a specific Brand.

To target products, you have to target Cart Product SKU. If your SKUs do not already contain a brand identifier, you would need to add one. Otherwise you can target multiple SKUs with a single rule.

This is a rule that is used by to target customers who have abandoned Lloyd Flanders product. A specific email is sent out to those customers with targeted information about the Lloyd Flanders brand.

These are just 2 simple examples that will enable you to send customers more targeted emails. We are excited to see how you use the Recapture Segmenting Tool!

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