How many campaigns should I setup?

We definitely recommend setting up MORE THAN ONE email for your abandoned cart and winback campaigns.  The money is in the follow up, always.

Don't be worried about annoying your customers--the ones who really want to hear from you aren't unsubscribing when you send, and that's the important part to remember.

Recapture's data since 2015 consistently shows that stores who send 3 emails, on average, make 100% MORE than those stores who send only 1. 

Here are a few key points to remember when setting up your campaigns:

1) Send the first email quickly. We recommend sending it 30-60 minutes after the cart is abandoned. Maybe the user got distracted, maybe they didn't realize the checkout wasn't finished. Whatever the case, you want to remind them quickly that their cart was abandoned.

2) Send a follow-up a short time later. We like 1 day later after they abandoned, but you can pick something that works for your audience. The Recapture system will only send additional emails to people who have not checked out yet. So if someone gets your first email in 30 minutes and then completes a purchase, they won't get any more abandoned cart emails. We check for the email address so it is possible that if they complete checkout using a different email address, they may get additional follow-up emails from their first abandoned cart.

3) Send a 3-7 day follow-up with a little something extra. Can you offer a discount coupon? Maybe a couple testimonials from past customers? At this point it's also helpful to ask the person why they still have not purchased.

Typically we recommend sending 3 emails after a cart is abandoned: 30 minute, 1 day, 7 day. You can tweak each one to perfectly fit your scenario but we have seen this combination yield the best results.  You can send more or less, but keep in mind our stat above--100% more recovery if you send 3!

If you want a more detailed walk through on best practices--we strongly recommend signing up for our 5 day email course which will teach you all the ins and outs of making the most of your abandoned cart emails.

Don't send to many, and don't be too shy!

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