How can I use the 'Add to Cart' popup to collect more emails?

Add to Cart Popup Can Massively Improve your Cart Recovery

Recapture now supports a special "Add to Cart" popup that asks the user to enter their email and/or mobile number in order to add an item to their cart.  By doing so, you increase your chances of getting emails to use during the cart recovery process.

More emails available mean higher Recaptureable Revenue.  Higher email collection means you have more people to send your abandoned cart campaigns to, and therefore, a better chance of recovering that revenue down the line.

Do Add to Cart popups help or harm sales & conversions?

They help!  And we have the receipts to prove it.  Based on Recapture data, here's what we found:

Stores that don't have Add to Cart enabled:

  • Average actionable cart rate (carts with emails): 21.97%
  • Average recovered revenue: 9.57%

Stores that DO have Add to Cart enabled:

  • Average actionable cart rate (carts with emails): 27.74% (a 30% increase in carts available to send emails to!)
  • Average recovered revenue: 13.90% (a 40% increase in revenue recovered!)
  • Average Add to Cart conversion rate: 18.46%

As you can see, using Add to Cart popups definitely increases sales on your store (without reducing conversions).

What do they look like?

We have a version that collects just emails and it looks like this (everything is customizable):

And we can also collect phone numbers to support SMS messages as well:

You can even collect JUST the mobile number as well.  The email is validated LIVE and REAL TIME.  Once a "valid" email is detected, the popup will auto-dismiss and the item will be added to the cart.

If the customer doesn't want to enter their email, they can STILL add the item to the cart by dismissing the dialog with the close box (X) in the upper right corner or clicking the "No thanks..." link.

How to Use Add to Cart Popups

1) Visit your Email Collector settings:

2) From here, there are two types of email collectors you can create.  Regular popups or the Add to Cart popup (at the bottom).  Click on the On/Off slide switch to the left to enable this:

3) And click Edit to allow you to change the settings.  Or you can use this link here:

First, and most importantly, enable the Add to Popup feature:

4) Save your settings

That's it!

Add to Cart Popup Additional Style settings

We knew you'd want to make the popup more closely match the style of your store, which is why we added the ability to style every aspect of the popup, including:

  • The text content of the popup (title, button text, default value, link text)
  • The colors of the popup (background, font color, link color, field color)

Adjust your settings for it under

(Scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the settings)

Here are the settings available today: Most relate to the text you can change in the popup, but a few merit some discussion:

  • Collect Mobile phone numbers is the setting you use to turn on whether we show a mobile phone field or not.  You can set it up to collect ONLY the mobile number too.
  • Auto close timeout is the setting you use to determine when the Add to Cart popup will dismiss on its own after being clicked.  The intent of this behavior is to allow users to ignore the popup if they choose and add the item to their anyway, without an email automatically.,  You can disable this (force email entry) by using a 0 for this setting.
  • Email submit timeout is the setting where we will automatically submit the popup form after they finishing typing their email address (and it's valid).  This can help users avoid extra clicks or prevent confusion if they're not sure what to do.  If you want to force them to click the button to submit, enter 0 for this setting.
  • Custom CSS Selector:  This is an advanced setting where we can take the name of the class that is used for your Add to Cart buttons if Recapture is not automatically finding this information from your theme.  Magento and Shopify differ a bit on what button CSS classes they use, and we're pretty good at figuring it out for 90% of the cases, but for custom themes and such, this gives you an option to override it in case Recapture's Add to Cart popup isn't working.  It's best to contact support if you're not sure if you need to use this or not.
  • Custom CSS Action Selection:  Another advanced setting for certain themes that require a trigger to include the popup in the first place.  It's best to contact support if you're not sure if you need to use this or not.


Here you can modify the various colors of the popup to match your theme's (and store's) styling.  Every color can be changed:

And there is an advanced integration feature that is something you mostly don't need to worry about--sometimes we'll suggest this if you're on Shopify for certain theme but largely you don't need to worry about it.

Be sure to save your settings by clicking this button when you're done:

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