How much revenue can I get back for my store?

Want to be like this store?  You can!  But it takes some work...On average, Recapture gets back about 10% for most stores...This will depend on SEVERAL factors:

  1. Is your store getting enough customers visiting it?  Do you have high volume traffic or low volume traffic?  Higher volume stores are easier to recover than low ones.
  2. Are you getting sales now?  Recapture works best when your product really meets your customers' needs and they want to buy it.  We found that a store making more than $2500 a month tends to have the best ROI for what we can do.
  3. Are you willing to send emails?  Some folks are a bit squeamish about sending multiple emails.  We have hard data (including in our demo, which is LIVE data from a real store!) that shows sending 3 abandoned cart emails is 100% more effective than just sending one.
  4. Are you collecting your customer's emails?  In order to send email, you have to have an email to send to...We have an Add to Cart Popup that allows you to gather the emails when they're at the highest intent to purchase.  You can also use popups to collect emails (and Recapture will associate them to the cart).  We also can capture emails from other forms on your site, automatically.  But you need to give them a chance to do it!
  5. How complicated is your checkout process? Are people starting the checkout but then getting frustrated and giving up? You can figure this out by seeing how high your abandon rate is using our Free Analytics.
  6. How quickly are you sending a follow up email? We have found it works best to send a short and sweet message within 30 minutes of the cart being abandoned. We also recommend sending another email within a day or two to ask the customer if they have any specific questions or issues with your website or checkout process.  And another, offering a discount at around the 5-7 day mark.
  7. Are you being personal with your content?  Our default emails work pretty well, but you know what is better?  Something that really speaks to your audience!  Something that addresses their specific objections.  Something that makes them want to come back and buy...
  8. Are you willing to use other types of email besides Abandoned Carts?  We offer Winbacks and Review Booster emails that can increase sales quite a bit for you.  But they won't work unless you turn them on!

Whether you get more or less than our average 10% depends very much on these things...

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