Can Recapture send emails to my old abandoned carts?

Shopify's (old) Abandoned Carts Are Accessible to Recapture

If you're on Shopify, they do track the abandoned carts on your store and after install, one time only, we can go back and send emails to those people.  Limited only by:

  • The age of the cart (we don't recommend sending abandoned cart emails on carts older than a few weeks, tops.  People have moved on)
  • Whether you have an email or not for the cart
But we do offer this as a post-install option.  Here's how to turn it on.

Activating the Previously Abandoned Cart Option

  1. First and foremost, you MUST have your email campaigns active!  If you don't this option won't send any email.  (How to setup and activate your email campaigns in Recapture)
  2. Next, navigate to your Settings for Abandoned Cart campaigns:
  3. Scroll down to find this option:
  4. Click "Reprocess Carts", which will show this popup:
  5. Click the date selector on the right and select the date range that best applies to your store:
    1. NOTE:  Even though we allow it, we don't recommend going back more than 7-30 days for old carts.  The reason for this is pretty simple--most people will have moved on from your store after a short period of time and sending them emails out of the blue for something they did months ago could be jarring and possibly get your domain blacklisted for spam.  Use this option wisely.
  6. Click the Reprocess button
  7. Your previous carts matching the date range will begin the email campaign sequence you setup under 

That's it!  Once you have Recapture installed, you never need to repeat this operation as we're always monitoring and sending emails to abandoned carts after that time.

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