Considerations about SMS Marketing that are Different Than Email

Email vs. SMS Marketing

Email and SMS are very different but complementary channels within Recapture.  Our abandoned cart campaigns allow you to mix and match what works best for your audience.  There are some considerations you'll want to take into account when you're deciding which channel is more appropriate for your customers.

Recapture Allows For Both SMS and Email

Recapture allows you to mix and match SMS with Email on your abandoned cart campaigns.  This is intentional so you can decide what channel works best for your audience, and what information you have available.  But when you do this, especially if you're coming from all-email campaigns, you need to be aware of the difference of SMS and Email so you use it appropriately and don't annoy your customers (or run afoul of the law).  Keep the following in mind:

SMS Marketing has more urgency

When you receive an SMS message, what's your instinct?  Read it now or later?  We'll bet you said now.  This is why text messages have insanely high open rates between 86-98%.  SMS = urgent.  That means SMS should not be overused or sent all the time--this will turn your customers off of your brand almost immediately when you do so.  Use SMS messaging very carefully and sparingly.  Ask yourself "Would I want these messages to appear if I went to another store, like or some other site I was shopping on?"  If the answer is no, or you hesitate, then don't send it.  Simple.

SMS Marketing is more personal

Remember that high open rate?  It's because SMS messages are typically from people we know more intimately and it makes this channel very personal indeed.  Send messages with that personal nature in mind.  Don't be overly promotional or spammy, you customers will not appreciate it (nor would you)

Make sure you're following the TCPA Guidelines to avoid getting in trouble with your customers and the law.

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