How to Create Abandoned Cart SMS Campaigns

Before you Start

You'll want to read all about SMS and Recapture and make sure you're fully up to date with the proper compliance as well as activating SMS for your account.

You can enable the Abandoned Cart reminders from when you create a new campaign on the upper right of that screen.

When you pick "Add Campaign" under Abandoned Carts campaigns in Recapture, you'll be given a chance to select SMS vs. Email:

If you pick SMS Campaign, you'll be asked to setup the basics of SMS integration (See SMS Configuration and Picking a Phone Number)

NOTE: Keep in mind that using SMS will activate additional charges to your Recapture account.

Creating New Campaigns

After you click on the SMS Campaign item above, you'll get a new abandoned cart campaign:

Enter a name for the campaign and set the timing when you want Recapture to trigger the message.

You can also set the Google UTM parameters as well (not shown here)

After you click Next Step, you'll see this screen where you can choose some starting message content (so you don't have to invent them yourself!)  Recapture's content is fully TCPA compliant and always up to date with the latest ideas and best practices.

You can pick one of our example messages, or click "I'll write my own message".  Once you pick either way, you'll be shown this screen:

The left box is your content editor:

You can use this type/edit any existing message, or you can choose (another) predefined message from our library as well.

The "phone box" is a preview of what your message will look like with the template variables substituted using some fake data:

So you can get an idea of what your customers might see when you send the actual message.

Just like with abandoned cart emails, you can change the timing, the segmenting, or see performance reports using the menu toward the top:

How they function is identical to the email campaigns of Recapture. For details about those, see these articles:

Replying to Customer Messages

Recapture allows you to have 2-way conversations with your customers via SMS from abandoned cart campaigns as well.  From your Abandoned Carts area, navigate to "SMS Inbox" or just click on this link:

You'll see this area:

For more details about how to handle your inbox, see our article on Managing your SMS Inbox.

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