How to Create Order Notifications in SMS

Before you Start

You'll want to read all about SMS and Recapture and make sure you're fully up to date with the proper compliance as well as activating SMS for your account.

You can enable the Order notifications from

Or you visit the "Order Updates" area from the upper left context menu:

And then select "Campaigns" and activate a campaign, this will also enable the SMS configuration.

If you pick SMS Campaign, you'll be asked to setup the basics of SMS integration (See SMS Configuration and Picking a Phone Number)

NOTE: Keep in mind that using SMS will activate additional charges to your Recapture account.

Types of Order Notifications

You can create several different types of order notices via SMS in Recapture.  They include:

  • Order shipped (sent when the order is considered "shipped" by status in your store)
  • Order on hold (sent when an order is considered "held" by status in your store)
  • Order placed (sent immediately when the order arrives in your store after payment)

You can enable as many or as few as you like.  For certain stores and customers, having these immediate notifications is a way to build trust that you have their order and you're going to take care of them as they expect.  

Creating an Order Notification

You can navigation to Order Updates > Campaigns from the upper left menu or visit this link:

Several notifications are created for you by default:

You can hover you mouse over the campaign you'd like to edit and start customizing it, or create another one by clicking on Add Campaign to the upper right.

Once you click on Edit, you'll see this:

You can change the content under "Message Content":

And see a preview to the right in the "phone box":

Be sure to click Save when you're done on the upper right:

Replying to Customer Messages

Recapture allows you to have 2-way conversations with your customers via SMS from order notifications as well.  From your Order Updates area, navigate to "SMS Inbox" or just click on this link:

You'll see this area:

For more details about how to handle your inbox, see our article on Managing your SMS Inbox.

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