Managing your contacts

Where Do Contacts Come From?

In Recapture, there are two sources for contacts:

  1. Contacts that come from your platform as a result of sales you've made (customers)
  2. Contacts that you import from CSV, in the case of a platform migration (such as Jilt)

Unless you are a brand new store, Recapture can get contacts for your broadcast emails from one of those two sources.

Where Can I Access Contacts?

Your contacts are accessible from the Contacts menu on the upper right side of Recapture:

Select the option for (your store name) > Contacts section, or just click this link:

You can also access these Contacts from your Broadcast emails on the upper left menu as well.  Go to the Email Broadcasts menu on the upper left of your Recapture account:

And then select the Contacts menu from the top:

Or just use this link:

How Can I View and Manage Contacts?

Once you arrive on the Contacts page from one of the two links above, you'll see a list of people inside the left sidebar (when you have contacts available).  You can search for a specific email or name using the search box:

Clicking on any contact from the left sidebar will show the details in the middle, like so:

Each time you click on a contact, you'll see the information that Recapture has stored about them, including:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Any events that they've triggered in Recapture (such as Abandoned Cart emails, winbacks, etc)
  • Whether they are unsubscribed or not
  • Emails they've been sent
  • Campaigns that were used to send the emails

You can see in the example above, Zena has opened a Winback email several times after having it sent to her.

You can manually unsubscribe a contact from receiving any emails if you wish using the Unsubscribe This Contact button on the upper right (Recapture will do this automatically if they click an unsubscribe link, this is just another way for you to do it if you get a message from them asking to be removed).

Once someone is unsubscribed, you will see this in place of the button:

In addition, you can also import your contacts from a CSV list.  See our article about Importing CSV Contacts for more details about this process (and the limits surrounding it)

Contacts cannot be edited or deleted at the current time.  For changes like that, please contact us and we can assist.

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