Migrating from Jilt to Recapture

Jilt is Shutting Down

If you've read the announcement from Jilt, heard from Easy Digital Downloads or another source, Jilt will be shutting down their email marketing service as of April, 2022.  Recapture has reached out and Jilt has helped us put together a migration guide that will allow folks to move from Jilt to Recapture seamlessly.

Concerns About Jilt vs. Recapture?

Recapture is very close to parity with Jilt's features as of June 2021 and you can read about migration FAQs on our main site.

Migrating from Jilt

Jilt also has a migration guide that you can access here.

1) Install Recapture on your store

Recapture supports all of Jilt's current platforms:  Shopify, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).  When you migrate from Jilt, the first thing you must do is to create an account and install Recapture for your platform. Pick your install platform below:

It's important to use those links above--they will mark you as a "Jilt customer" so we know we have to do imports for your account.

If you get confused about what to do, here are the instructions for doing the installs (click these AFTER you've clicked the one above!)

If you've done everything correctly, and you've installed, you should see a screen like the one below (from Shopify install):

Click on that step above to continue.

2) Gather your exports from Jilt

Once you have Recapture installed and you've reached the Import step, you need to gather your export files from Jilt.  These will include:

  • Email template (in a ZIP file)
  • Cart export (also a ZIP file)
  • Email Contact list (in a ZIP file)

You'll import these one at a time, starting with the email campaigns. 

Jilt has great instructions here on how to do your exports.

3) Import your Email Campaigns first

You will likely have multiple campaigns from Jilt to import.  You can import them in any order you like.  Recapture will handle the images exported and referenced in Jilt, pull them into our CDN and this will ensure that once Jilt shuts down, you campaigns will run without any broken images or links.

Start by clicking this:

Now either drop the exported email campaign ZIP file on that dotted box, or click the dotted box above to select it from your local machine.

Here's an example on a Mac:

Click the name of the template and then "Open"

Next, you need to confirm the name and email subject of the campaign from Jilt, and ALSO select the timing of the campaign (which Jilt doesn't provide in the file):

If you're not sure about the timing, you can always edit this LATER, so don't worry if you're uncertain.  Recapture recommends that you send at least 3 campaigns and we typically put them at 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week after the cart is abandoned.  You can have ANY timing you like (and if you have one you knew was successful in Jilt, please reuse it!), but if you don't know where to start, that's where we recommend you begin.

Once you have everything configured above, click "Import Campaign" and let Recapture finish the setup for that campaign.

Once it's complete, you can keep importing other campaigns, check your work on the campaign you just did or move on to the main Recapture account screen:

Keep importing all previous campaigns until you're done.  After that, select "Finished! Go to my account".

4) You don't need to import your Carts from Jilt

Recapture will automatically load all of your active and recent carts from your store immediately on install.  This data is direct from your store and it allows Recapture to take the data from the original, most reliable source.  Your Jilt cart data is just another version of this, so you won't need to use that for import at this time.

5) You'll be able to import your Contacts from Jilt

Importing your contacts is very easy in Recapture.  Just follow these steps:

1) Go to the right side menu on the upper right corner of your Recapture admin dashboard:  Select the option for (your store name) > Contacts section, or just click this link: https://app.recapture.io/account/contacts

2) Next, click Import Contacts on the left side:

3) This will pop up a dialog where you can drag and drop your CSV file you got from Jilt (or click on the button and locate it on your local computer)

Once the import starts, you'll see the progress as Recapture imports all of your contacts.  DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW while the import is running.  Wait for it to complete first.

Once the import is done, your contacts are ready to use in Recapture for broadcasts!

6) Confirm Recapture is receiving traffic from your store

Visit our Live Cart Feed here:  https://app.recapture.io/account/abandoned-carts/carts and make sure that you see activity in your Active column.  Add something to a cart on your store.  Refresh the Live Cart Feed in another tab.  Confirm that you see the new cart.  If all of that is working, you're ready to enable Recapture!

7) Disable your Jilt campaigns

Go to your Jilt dashboard and shut down your existing campaigns for abandoned carts.  You don't want to double-email your customers and annoy them during the transition.

8) Enable your Recapture campaigns

Follow the steps in this article about activating your migrated campaigns from Jilt.  Within 24 hours, you should see stats in your reports and dashboard.

Have questions or concerns?  Don't hesitate to reach out to us.  Live chat is also available, too.  We typically respond within an hour during normal business hours of M-F, 8a-5p Mountain Time.  We'll definitely get back to you within 24 hours by email.

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