How long does it take for Recapture to consider a cart to be abandoned?

Short answer: 30 minutes. That's the amount of time a cart has to be inactive before we consider it abandoned.

Longer answer:  We start counting from the time the user creates a cart and watch to see if 30 minutes pass.  If the user adds or changes their cart in some way, we reset that timer until they stop making changes, or they check out and successfully purchase products.  Once 30 minutes pass from that last activity we detect, the cart is considered "abandoned".  Then we start the timer for your first abandoned cart campaign.  If your first cart campaign is set to go out "1 hour after abandonment" then it will really go out 1.5 hours after the user's last activity.

That being said, the threshold for abandonment doesn't have to be 30 minutes--this is just what we found to be the most reasonable from our experience. If you want to change it to something else, say an hour, or even a day, we can do that. Just use the little message icon at the bottom right of your account to contact us.

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