Adding Personalized Email Collectors

What is a Personalized Email Collector?

A personalized email collector (basically an email popup where you can ask your customers questions when they submit their emails) allows you to gather information to better target your customers with relevant, personalized messages that directly relate to them and their interests.  It's a way of massively improving your MailChimp newsletter and broadcast email campaigns outside of Recapture.

What do I need to do to enable Personalized Email Collectors?

You need a few things to make this work:

  • You need a MailChimp account
  • You need to connect your MailChimp account to Recapture
  • You need to tell Recapture what MailChimp list to synchronize with
  • You need to setup a Recapture Email Collector that has personalized questions
If you're using regular Email Collectors, you're probably already doing most of this!  But if not, it's super easy to change.  Our MailChimp integration article explains how to set up your integration, and our Email Collector Configuration article talks about how to trigger email collectors in general.  But what about Personalized Email Collectors?

How can I use Personalized Email Collectors?

First, you need to integrate Recapture with MailChimp so you can save your customers to an external list.

Once you have that, next you'll want to go to your Email Collector admin section, and check your settings to confirm you are ready to use it.  If you're ready, your settings look similar to this:

Make sure your Status is Enabled, the Provider is MailChimp, and you have a SyncList defined.

Next, you're ready to create a new Email Collector with personalization questions!

Visit this link:

And click on Add Collector:

This will walk you through the process of adding a new Email Collector.  Start by naming it and selecting when you want to show it:

And then pick a template you like: Now for the good part!

You can customize the email collector's text and colors which are fully covered in our article about Configuring Email Collectors, but the personalization options are found at the bottom left:

Until you see this:

If you don't see that section, your MailChimp integration isn't quite right, and you need to double-check

Now add your first question by clicking the "+" icon as shown above.  This will add the question configuration on the lower left:

And it will add your question, LIVE in the popup so you can see what you're doing directly!

Now edit the question, the answers and the MailChimp tags until you have what you want.  You can change the question type to use Drop downs, Checkboxes or Radio Buttons:

The default is checkbox, but you can use any of those available.  Drop downs use the least amount of space, so if you want to keep a SMALLER popup, that's the best option.

When you edit your answers for the question, you need to add them in this format:

Answer Text|mailChimpTag

This format is SUPER important and you must include the pipe character ( | ) in between them in order to allow Recapture to recognize the answer text vs. the MailChimp tag you want to use.

We show you an example when you first start, in case it's not clear:

Change these to match your intended setup:

And you'll see the live preview update accordingly:

You can add additional questions by clicking the "+" icon as much as you want.  And you can reorder the questions using the drag handle:

Or you can click the "X" on the right to delete a question you don't like or want.

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