How to create a welcome series with a popup

A welcome series is one or more emails that you can send when a new customer subscribes to your email list from a popup.

Recapture allows you to create popups and has for a long time. But did you also know that you can now send emails to those new subscribers directly in Recapture? Now, you can. No more integration with other email services to send welcome emails directly to new subscribers.

Creating a New Welcome Series

Before you create a welcome series, you'll want to have at least one popup configured in Recapture. Here's how you can configure popups in Recapture.

Once you've setup a popup, your next step is to add a Welcome Series of emails from the Email Collector page.

  1. Open the Email Collector main screen here:
  2. Next, click the "Welcome Series" at the top menu bar:
    1. The menu bar for Email Collectors
  3. You'll see a default welcome series available for you (one email):
    1. The Welcome Series Campaign list screen
    2. Notice that the timing of the email is listed just above the campaign name ("Send 5 minutes after a customer subscribes"). This can be adjusted when you edit the email below.
  4. From this, you can edit the email by hovering your mouse and clicking "Edit"
  5. And the email editor will appear with some starter content to help you right away.
  6. Edit the email the same way you edit ANY Recapture email. For more details about how to configure emails, please see Or if you need help setting up coupons, please consult one of these two articles: (for Unique Coupon Codes) (for global coupon codes)

Tips for Welcome Series

Send more than one email in your Welcome Series

You can send any number of emails in your welcome series. You're not just limited to one. Recapture creates a default one for you to use as a starting point, but you can add as many emails to the campaign as you like.

Use a coupon code in your Welcome Series

You can also send a coupon code with the email (to ensure that only customers with valid emails receive coupons). If you need help setting up coupons, please consult one of these two articles:

Use segmenting to use different emails with different popups (ADVANCED)

This works great if you want to support multiple popups on your store AND you intend to send each subscriber of a popup a slightly different message. Some examples when you might want to do this:

  • You have popups that are offering different things on different pages (an ebook that is specific to a landing page, and another offer that is different for a different landing page)
  • You want to send different emails to different subscribers based on what popup they used (for different discounts)

When you create a popup, each time an email is collected, that popup will automatically tag the person with the "collector ID" tag that is setup in the popup itself. Here is a collector ID from a popup that has a unique tag:

Create all of the popups you want, and set their tags to be UNIQUE. Once you have the popups created, use the Collector Identifier (TAG) as the segment criteria for your emails. Like so:

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