How do I install Recapture for Shopify?

Recapture supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Shopify, CartHook, CrateJoy, ReCharge, Magento 1 and Magento 2.  Instructions for installing each are below:

IMPORTANT:  If you're on Shopify, but are using ReCharge, CrateJoy OR CartHook, don't follow the STANDARD Shopify instructions below!  Use these three links INSTEAD!

Standard Shopify Installation (not for ReCharge, CartHook or CrateJoy)

First, visit Recapture's Shopify App Store listing and click Add App from the middle of the page:

Next, you'll be directed to authenticate Recapture with your Shopify store 

(you may need to login to your Shopify store first if you weren't logged in already):

You'll be asked to grant permissions for us to see your store data.  We will use this to provide your analytics in the Recapture dashboard.

Once you authenticate, you'll finish the configuration for Recapture which is SUPER quick--just two things to setup!

After Activation, What Else Do I need to Do?

1)  You need to activate your email campaign so it can send emails (you're welcome to edit at this time as well, but it's got default content so you can just get going right away!)

2) Once you do that, you need to provide a logo file for us to use in the emails.  This helps your customers know the emails are from you.

3) You're ready to go!  Recapture can start sending emails for you now.  

At this point, you're welcome to browse the main Recapture dashboard, setup email collectors, or edit your abandoned cart campaigns in more detail, or turn on Review Booster.

Your analytics will display after your store has sent data for 24 hours.  We aggregate data for the dashboard daily, so you'll see how it's working within a day or two.

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