How does Recapture work?

Recapture is a platform where we integrate with your store through a small, efficient, high-performing JavaScript library.  Our job is to watch for events on your store (like abandoned carts, post-purchase review reminders, site visits by a customer, etc) and then respond to them with the right kind of email, if it's appropriate.

Recapture has several capabilities that you can use:

  • Recapture can monitor your site for abandoned carts (Abandoned Cart Recovery)
  • Recapture can remind your customers after a purchase is made to come back and review it (Review Reminders)
  • Recapture can send emails after a purchase with instructions about additional products to buy, usage, returns or other helpful information to make your customers successful (Post Purchase Emails)
  • Recapture can send emails to previous customers who haven't been back to your store in a long time to come back and buy something else (Winbacks)
  • Recapture can collect emails via popups that are triggered by various things your customers do:  add to cart, visit product pages, visit a certain number of times, wait until a timer expires, etc.  (Popups and Email Collectors)
  • Recapture can send SMS texts to help recovery abandoned carts or update your customers about their order status (SMS)

The primary thing most stores want from Recapture is Abandoned Cart Recovery.

Recapture's Abandoned Cart Recovery--How does it work?

Recapture is really, really good at recovering lost revenue from abandoned carts.  How exactly we do it is a bit of a secret, but the basic steps go like this:

  1. Customers visit your store
  2. Recapture's installed library keeps track of what they are doing and if they enter an email ANYWHERE on your site.
    1. Doesn't have to be on checkout, but we definitely grab it there.  The email could be from an email popup, could be something that ANOTHER app is posting--doesn't matter.  Recapture can detect emails almost anywhere in your store and hold on to them
  3. When the customer adds an item to the their cart, we associate the email to their cart and send that to Recapture for safe keeping
  4. As the cart is considered "abandoned", we then trigger the timer to start your active abandoned cart campaigns
  5. We send emails to your customer reminding them to come back
  6. Your customers see the emails.  They may visit your site directly, or click the links in your cart and return to your store
  7. Your customers buy the products they abandoned (more than they would have without us)

There's a fair amount of details in there to make it all work, but that's the high level version on how Recapture does abandoned cart recovery

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