How to setup Recapture on multiple stores (linked accounts)

Recapture isn't just for single store owners, we also support linked accounts where you can link together multiple stores of the same type ("store fronts") or link together stores under a same brand.

This article explains how you can prepare your stores to link them together (with some help from our support team!) for single sign on (SSO) access to all of them.

Before you get started

First, you'll need to make a list of all the stores you plan to connect to Recapture.

Each store MUST have a unique email address associated with it.  If you're on Shopify, and you connect stores to Recapture, we'll do this for you automatically.

On all other platforms (Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, EDD, etc) you'll need to handle this manually.  

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. Use the plus notation that is supported by Gmail, Google and other ESPs to reuse the same address, but make it unique
  2. Find different emails to use for every account

The "plus notation" looks like this:

Suppose you have a Gmail address like  You can add a "+" sign in the middle, with a unique string, to make the email show up in the same inbox, but be "unique".

For example:, and will ALL send email to

If your email domain is HOSTED by Google, then the same rule applies.  If you have (hosted at Google), then will also send to the same inbox.

Installing Recapture for All Stores

You'll need to connect Recapture to EACH store you want to link.  Each store must have a unique email address (again, if you're on Shopify, we'll do this for you).

  1. Start by making sure you're NOT logged into Recapture at all.  If you haven't connected ANY accounts yet, skip this step.
    1. Visit this link:
      1. If you are asked to login after visiting that, you're fine.  Skip to the next step.
      2. If you see the home screen of Recapture, you're logged in.  Go to the upper-right side menu, and select "Sign Out"
    2. Next, once you're sure you're signed out, you need to install Recapture on the store you want using one of the unique emails.  Use the proper instructions from the list below:
      1. Magento 1 Instructions
      2. Magento 2 Instructions
      3. Shopify Instructions
      4. WooCommerce Instructions
      5. Easy Digital Downloads Instructions
      6. Restrict Content Pro Instructions
      7. Paid Memberships Pro Instructions
      8. BigCommerce Instructions
    3. After you've completed the install, repeat steps a through c again for EACH store you need to link
  2. Once all stores are installed with Recapture, contact us and provide the list of emails for all the stores you want to link
  3. Please identify which of the stores you want to be the "primary" store.  This is for billing purposes.
  4. We'll link the stores so you can access them from the right-side menu when you're logged in to any of them!

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