How long does Recapture take to setup?

We worked really hard to make our setup as quick and painless as possible. You can be up and running from install to first active campaign in about 5 minutes.

1) Install the App or Extension for your ecommerce platform

2) Authenticate your store with Recapture if you're on Magento (which you can read about here)

3) Upload your logo and Setup your first Campaign.

You don't even need to change the email text if you just testing it...our email template is ready to go.  You're welcome to change it, of course!

That's it! It only takes a few minutes to setup a completely responsive email campaign. Just enter the correct text for your store, choose how quick to send the email after cart abandon, enable the campaign and everything will run!

Now just sit back and watch your analytics, everything happens in real-time so you can see carts as they are being created. 

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