How do I install Recapture for CartHook?

Recapture supports WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro, Shopify, CartHook, CrateJoy, Recharge, BigCommerce, Magento 1 and Magento 2.  Instructions for installing each are below:

Recapture and CartHook have completed an integration as of April 2019 and we're pleased to provide abandoned cart recovery to CartHook Checkout, the #1 platform on Shopify for Cross-sell/Up-sell checkout replacement.  CartHook now recommend Recapture as a replacement for CartHook Recovery, their old abandoned cart solution.

Installing Recapture for CartHook

Installing Recapture for CartHook is quite simple.  Follow these steps and in less than 2 minutes, you'll have Recapture integrated and running.

Rather watch a screencast?  We've got you covered:  How to Install Recapture With CartHook Checkout Screencast

Step 1:  Login to your CartHook account if you haven't already.

Step 2:  Visit your settings link on the upper-right-hand menu:

Step 3:  Click on "Tracking & Integrations" and then "Cart Abandonment".  Then you'll see a button to Enable Integration.  Click that.

Step 4:  This will navigate you to the Recapture site.  Click the checkbox to accept the Terms of Service and click the Get Started button:

Step 5:  You'll need to authorize Recapture on your Shopify store, so click the Install App to complete that step:

Step 6:  Recapture and CartHook will have a short back-and-forth about your account...just sit tight while this screen is up.

Step 7:  You're ready to go! Now you're fully connected to Recapture!  There are some other things to do next, so check out your options below

Still confused?  Here's the screencast if you need it:

What else I do I need to do after the CartHook integration is active?

You'll want to check a few things out:

  1. Activate your abandoned cart email campaigns
    1. You must activate the campaigns, no emails will be sent automatically until you do!
  2. Send abandoned cart emails to imported carts from Shopify (for carts abandoned BEFORE you installed Recapture)
  3. Turn on the Add to Cart Popup to maximize email collection for abandoned carts
  4. Look at Winbacks for previous customers who haven't bought in over 30 days
  5. Use Review Booster to collect more reviews for your products

Your analytics will display after your store has sent data for 24 hours.  We aggregate data for the dashboard daily, so you'll see how it's working within a day or two

If you're having issues, please don't hesitate to Contact Support.

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